Welcome to ECU's

School of Art & Design Student Portfolio Collection

The Student Portfolio database is an archive of the creative output of School of Art & Design students. The collection captures, preserves and makes the academic work of students available for viewing.

  • This archive serves as a:
  • • Professional practice: students visually documenting their work,
  • • Assessment and accreditation tool for the SoAD,
  • • An open access online resource of student work,
  • • A record of students work from the SoAD which may be used for educational and promotional purposes.

Questions regarding submissions may be referred to the SoAD Media Center at soadmediactr@ecu.edu.

Submission deadline for Spring and Fall semester is Reading Day.

This database is a juried resource. The work of selected art and design students are reviewed for submission. Instructions, specifications, and tutorials are available at SoAD Media Center http://blog.ecu.edu/sites/soadmediactr/student-portfolios/.